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Goal: Blood Donors and Pink Force Day

The Gipuzkoa Blood Donors Association is an entity with deep roots in the historic territory of Gipuzkoa.


The transfusion of blood or its derivatives has become an essential part of current healthcare, to attend to multiple pathologies and surgical procedures on a daily basis. The increase in life expectancy, the creation of intensive medicine units, and the important and constant needs of some patients, previously considered irrecoverable, mean that the demand for blood is increasing.


Throughout these more than 55 years of operation, the Gipuzkoana Association has had more than 100.000

donors made more than 1.250.000 donations.  

The Donors Association wants to link the Star Wars Force with young people, encouraging them to become donors.  It is important to renew the pool of donors  booth to maintain a stable number of donations, as wel as a good quality of plasma, and to ensure a stable and sufficient number of donors  to be able to meet new needs of the sick in our community. 

For Donors it is a celabration day, which aims to recognize and celebrate the work of donation, so no extractions will be performed that day. The Donors association joins the Ambassadroid movement by participating in its first international meeting of members, in which Albin Johnson, Honorary President of The Pink Force Foundation will be present.


In recognition of the work of the Donors, we will have their participation in the solidarity parade and they will have VIP access to the photocall area.


We count on the collaboration of the members of the participating associations in the activities that will be organized: distribution of brochures, posing in photocall, or special attention to donors.


Our intention is for the event to be  a mixture of open and shared activities with society: Concert and Talk by Albin Johnson, Solidarity Parade, Photocalls, Donation information table, R2KT units, ... with exclusive activities for the members of the participating Associations.

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