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Our values


The Pink Force Foundation is a charity whose goal is to bring joy and hope to sick children. Our aim is to raise their spirits, encourage and help them during their hospital stay, creating magical moments in their encounters with our droid R2-KT.



The Pink Force Foundation supports organizations that promote initiatives that strengthen families and patients of different pathologies, especially the most vulnerable. As a result, they improve their environment, their self-esteem and their courage to cope with the prescribed therapies, promoting the solidarity and social diffusion of these associations and the charity that leads them.



The Pink Force Foundation not only gives visibility to the activities of other associations, but also raises funds to help them achieve their goals.


Our vision is to become a global force that fights together for a world with happier children.



Our values are: 

Integrity: We are faithful to our mission. We are honest, transparent and accountable 


Community: We promote a spirit of teamwork and cooperation with all our collaborators.


Innovation: We are innovative and creative in our activities and constantly seek new and better ways to fulfill our mission.


Passion: We are passionate about raising funds to support a better future for children affected by cancer and disease.


Courage: We learn every day the life lessons that our little fighters teach us.


We are a group of Star Wars fans who bring our energy and know-how to push this project forward.  We have teamed with international organizations like Legion 501, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, Dark Empire, Saber Guild, Galactic Academy and  DroidBuilders, each providing their strength and expertise, as well as their time and invaluable collaboration.


Relationships with Official Associations and the AmbassaDroid Corps


Our relationship with these associations is collaborative, adhering to their standards, with our mission being to connect with other foundations, non-profit organizations, and hospital complexes to organize larger and more visible charity events, bringing together all the official associations authorized by Lucasfilm.

A hospital visit or event by the Pink Force is a mission of one of the official associations authorized by Lucasfilm, where one or more R2-KT AmbassaDroid units authorized by Albin Johnson participate.

To wear pink details on costumes and armor during a hospital visit or mission of the Pink Force, permission must be requested from the person in charge of the official association authorized by Lucasfilm.

Any logo or merchandise that uses the image of R2-KT alone or together with the words Pink Force must be communicated to Albin Johnson for approval.

We work together so that suffering children never lose their faith and will to dream.  Without them we would not be where we are right now.


Thank you always for your love and support.

Albin Johnson

Honorary president

Andoni Serrano


Cristina Urtiaga


Paula Zubia



The Foundation was officially created in January 2020, although we have been carrying out activities with the same spirit since 2017.


The Pink Force Foundation is committed to transparency in all the activities it carries out in its different areas of activity, in line with the provisions of Law 19/2013, of December 9, on transparency, access to public information and good government, published in the BOE no. 295 of December 10, 2013.


The Foundation's transparency policy guarantees that its users and stakeholders have relevant, adequate, exhaustive and reliable information on the objectives, work methods, activities, criteria and results obtained (measurable, verifiable and comparable) in the activities that we develop.


Periodically, the Foundation will make available to public administrations, with competence in their different fields of action, all the institutional, organizational, economic and planning information that is relevant to ensure adequate control and supervision of their activity.

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