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Fraternity Dinner
(Provisional Locations)

For those who so wish, a fraternity dinner has been organized for Saturday 27th at 22:00 at the San Sebastian Tennis Club Restaurant.

Restaurant Location:


Two menus are planned at the price of 45 € / dinner. The capacity of the restaurant is 140 seats with the current COVID measures and we hope to be able to accommodate 180 in November. The Restaurant is located next to the Wimbledon pub where we will be able to continue enjoying the camaraderie, if the situation allows it.


If the dinner reservations are widely exceeded, we will look for an alternative to celebrate it (Barcelo Costa Vasca Hotel).

If there are less than 80 people registered, we will move the dinner to the Gastronomic Society in the center of the Old Part of San Sebastian, where the menu will be a Cider House Menu.  


If you are interested, please keep posted on this page. 

Payment for the dinner must be made before October 30 through:


Indicating Transaction ID,  name and surname of the reservation, menu and number of guests per type of menu.

Menú 1 - Generic



Creamy Rice with Fish and Seafood

Caramelized beef cheeks with potatoes

Chocolate Brownie with Creamy Cream

Rueda White Wine / Rioja Red Wine / Cider / Beer / Soft Drinks / Water & Coffee

Menú 2 -  Vegetarian, Gluten Intolerance

Rice with asparagus and mushrooms
Falafel with grilled vegetables 
Yogurt cream with mango chutney

Rueda White Wine / Rioja Red Wine / Cider / Beer / Soft Drinks / Water & Coffee

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