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COVID19 Protocol

The organization of the event has decided to do everything in its power to carry out the Pink Force Day Donostia-San Sebastian, so we are encouraged to send out invitations to participate.

Logically, the evolution of the pandemic will mark the development and capacity of the event. With the data as of September 2021, we are willing to consider the realization of this event with all the illusion and prudence possible. Obviously, we do not know what the situation will be in November, but we would like to think that it will be much better than the current one, with 80% of the population already vaccinated, the group immunity working and the 5th wave overcome. 

It is recommended that participants be vaccinated 15 days before the event. We foresee to request the COVID Passport / or an PCR test performed 48h before by a laboratory that can issue certificates, to all registered participants at the time of collecting their accreditation, and without which it will not be possible to access the interior of the Miramar Palace. 


We want to ensure the safety of participants, as well as citizens who enjoy the day, so anyone who does not comply with the COVID protocol must leave the event.    We recommend wearing a mask during the solidarity walk. 

We are also studying the need for each Association participating in the Pink Force Day to appoint a Protocol Compliance Delegate (PCD) and a Hygiene Manager (HR), while the Pink Force Day organization would have a Safety Manager (RSDC). This will be a point that we will specify later in time.

We must wear masks inside the Palace, ventilation of spaces, use of hydroalcoholic gels, ... the final applicable regulations we hope to specify in November, once the competent authority establishes it depending on the situation at that date.

In case of impossibility of celebration, our intention would be to move the date of Pink Force Day to the same weekend of 2022. The organization will not assume any responsibility for the cancellation or postponement of the event or its foreseen activities.

We will follow the recommendations of the pertinent authorities.

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