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In general we will follow the rules of the Legion 501 in terms of registration, registration of participants, prevalence of unique costumes, Ratio 1-3 for the assistants, water for the participants, toilets, security of the premises.

At the time of registration, the costume to be used must be specified, and no changes will be admitted once this information has been communicated to the Organization (October 31).


It is foreseen the allocation of rooms/changing areas by Detachment, as well as the specification of a specific space for each participant. Women who request it at the time of registration will have a specific area of change, if the capacity of the assigned room is exceeded, we will not be able to meet the requests of all interested, relocating them with their detachment.  No modifications of the assigned place of change will be admitted on the day of the event, we will try to meet the needs and specificities that are requested before October 31.

Accompanying persons (family, friends, partners, ...) who come with the members to Donostia - San Sebastian but do not have an active part in the event and therefore will not have registered in the corresponding association, will not be accredited, and will be considered as just another citizen with restricted access to the private areas inside the Palace.

The invitation is also being sent to other European Associations, who will be asked to participate with generic costumes, in order to give preference to Spanish members who have unique costumes. The information of the unique costumes participating on the part of the Spanish Garrison will be communicated to the other invited associations, so that they can use those not covered.

We will also extend this invitation to members 501st Legion, Rebel Legion, Mandalorians, and Droid Builders. 

Members of the AmbassaDroid Program are excluded from this allocation.

In this regard, the organization reserves 15 generic places for members belonging to some of the official clubs.

Each Association will provide the organization with the list of registered participants with their participation details before October 31, 2021 on the basis of the Excell provided.

If the capacity is increased (we are working with estimates of 65% indoors), or the places are not covered, we will transfer these new quotas to the associations based on the interest of participation expressed and not covered. Likewise, if the capacity is reduced, this circumstance will be communicated as soon as possible to readjust the registrations.

Please note that there are participation quotas assigned to each association, which have been communicated in each invitation.

The event organizers will not allocate resources to subsidize travel, lodging or meals.

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